The Data Virtualization Gold Standard

Robert Eve

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Business Change Guides Data Integration Strategy Traditional data integration approaches such as consolidation and replication alone are unable to keep pace with today's dynamic pace of business and ever changing information requirements. Seeking greater agility, lower costs, and less risk, organizations are increasing adopting  data virtualization. Gain Agility and Cut Costs with Data Virtualization Data virtualization is high-performance query middleware that integrates data from multiple, disparate sources - anywhere across the extended enterprise - in a unified, logically virtualized manner for on-demand consumption by a wide range of business solutions. Data virtualization has a simple value proposition.  It  provides a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that overcomes data complexity and disparate silos to provide business with the timely data it nee... (more)

Why Life Sciences R&D Teams Like Data Virtualization

In the life sciences industry,  the latest blockbuster drug or device can mean billions in revenue. But developing these new offerings often takes ten or more years. Moving ahead a year or two can be worth hundreds of millions. The question is how? Data, Data, Data Data is the life blood of new product development.  Research findings, clinical trial results, manufacturing process validation, and more are information-intensive activities where each new data point can result in a major shift in plans and timing. To accelerate time to market in this data rich environment, life scienc... (more)

Big Data: So What! That’s Why You Virtualize

Big Data!  Yes it's BIG! The volume is BIG!  The variety is BIG!  The velocity is BIG! And hopefully the business value is BIG! New Opportunities Bring New Ways to Leverage Proven Technology There is no shortage of media articles, analyst reports, tradeshows, blogs and other source of Big Data technology insight and advice. But it strikes me that in our search to be on the leading edge, we may be overlooking some great existing technology. In fact, some technology, for example data virtualization, is even more useful in a Big Data world. What Is Data Virtualization? Data virtualiz... (more)

Information Oriented Architecture - A New Take on SOA

The Bloor Group recently released a white paper describing comprehensive reference data architecture.  Called the Information Oriented Architecture or IOA, it is a data-oriented companion to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Its purpose is to aid organizations seeking to modernize their information architectures to meet today’s data-centric business requirements. Because data virtualization was a key component in the IOA, my company, Composite Software, both sponsored and contributed to this important research study. Why an Information Oriented Reference Architecture Is Nee... (more)

How Data Virtualization Improves Data Quality

Data Quality Is Key to Business Success Poor data quality costs businesses billions every year.  It causes business leaders to make poor decisions.   It increases customer dissatisfaction and churn to reduce revenues.  It increases costs to perform remediation.  It discourages employees by setting a low performance bar. Yet, even with these significant issues, enterprises struggle to improve data quality. Improving Data Quality Is More Difficult Than Ever Data quality, once the focus of just a few data stewards, has become a business and IT challenge of unprecedented scale.  Not on... (more)